Play point 78: Birthdays & beliefs

Having just turned another year chronologically older I can say I do think I’m a little wiser. I still haven’t bought a TV and I’m loving the book Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton. It explores how the membrane around our cells affects our health and life in general, as opposed to the old paradigm of genetics being the main factor.

To this end I’m very conscious of my what goes into my mind and body, as what goes in ultimately comes out by way of results in our life. If I let my thoughts go unchecked it may be my body sending signals to the brain so that this thought produces the chemical the cell membrane desires. Yes I took a few days to digest this concept but it makes sense that if we get stuck in a situation where the same angry, hurtful, joyous, embarrassed or any other feelings are triggered, it may be just that our cells are wanting that chemical that they are used to.

To keep my thoughts and my body calm Continue reading “Play point 78: Birthdays & beliefs”


Play point 1: Want more time?

New year, new habits, perhaps? 7 years ago I started ¬†this blog with Lesson 1, then progressed to Shares and today they become Play points ūüėČ Because the game of life is about having fun, playing with people we like. Yes,¬†sometimes people come into our game that we have to get to know better, before making a decision whether to keep playing with them. However we¬†CAN all ENJOY¬†the game¬†and it’s the small habits, sometimes practiced¬†on a daily basis that are the pieces of the larger puzzle.

So what’s one of my habits? Every 6 months I do a time budget. Do you know how many hours you have in a week to play with? 168! But break that down to work, travel, domestic chores, getting ready for work, winding down, sleep, paying bills, running loved ones around and I could keep going but you get the picture. Where’s the quality time for loved ones including your own mental, physical, spiritual and financial health? The key is to put it on paper and work out your priorities. Do you really need to spend 3 hours a week cleaning when, on your deathbed, you won’t wished you’d vacuumed one more time ūüėČ

Do you think your loved ones really want you working longer hours for the latest gadget or holiday, when a more relaxed you could spend time creating life long memories of fun, just playing? I love the saying that children spell the word love, “T-I-M-E”. So true!¬†So how do we get more time? Continue reading “Play point 1: Want more time?”

Share 76: Death, domestic violence and money

If you’ve happened across this post without knowing me or linking from the newsletter let me put it in context. I LOVE life and am generally very positive, to the point where an ex boyfriend said “You’re so happy it makes me sick” which of course spurred me on to be even happier LOL And I’ve been nicknamed the Energiser Bunny.

This, my alter ego of YMM, looks at our relationship with oursleves, our partners and our money in an adult, risque and fun way. I like to stimulate thinking and discussion….so I’m going to say “I LOVE MONEY”. I am not obsessed by it but I will remove myself from people who don’t agree that the more money you have the more good you can do with it. And at times it’s Continue reading “Share 76: Death, domestic violence and money”

share no 75: Neuroplasticity: What a turn on!!

Our bodies are amazing aren’t they?! Yes the ability of the brain to rewire itself and fix the body fascinates me. 2 books I highly recommend are Joe Dispenza’s Evolve your brain and Norman Doidge’s The brain that changes itself. Absolutely incredible stories about people who have overcome physical and mental adversity by making changes (which are then reflected and can be¬†seen in the brain).

While there’s no right or wrong way to effect change there is research to show that the key is to associate pleasure¬†with the new habit. Really see the benefits and reward yourself for milestones as you change.¬†Some people may find baby steps more sustainable while others may go cold turkey. And it’s easier to replace a habit with another habit than trying to just cut out that particular action or habit.¬†Of course if you’d like more information check out where you can contact me direct. And there’s a link at the top of this page if you’d like to leave a comment. Here’s to your new habits!!

share 74: A measuring stick for personal pain

Let’s get personal because therein lies the richness of life! It’s easy to look outside ourselves for things that we think will make us happy. It’s often¬†easy to say “Yeah fine” when asked how are we. But are we just going through the motions, looking for the next “thing” that will make us happy once this current “thing” wears off? Are we being real and honest with ourselves and others if we say “Yeah fine” but really feel that something’s missing?

Indeed it’s¬†a fine balance between being honest, and dealing with negative emotions versus playing the victim. I’m going to share with you that last year was the worst year of my life on a personal level. Business stalled as I focussed on trying to fix “things”. Luckily I practise what I preach¬†so finances weren’t¬†much of the problem. And luckily I’d started the personal development (PD) path many years ago, adopting¬†a very¬†positive approach to life. My brother passing away 12 years ago was (in the end) a catalyst for that growth and provided a measuring stick for future pain, as well as helping me develop coping mechanisms for last year (although I had to dig much deeper this time round and develop new skills). I also had to take responsibility for my role in creating the problems.

I realised I needed to change focus and reset the goal posts. My expectations had been too high for the time frame, living conditions and people involved¬†(including myself). I’ve now got back in touch with¬†ME, enjoying quiet time¬†and my natural surrounds so much more. If others have a different path or deal with stress in a way I don’t like, I can choose not to walk with them anymore, as hard as that may be. Indeed we only have ourselves to blame if we stay in an uncomfortable situation.¬†Most importantly¬†I must remember that to bring out the best in someone we must see the¬†best they have in them. And that includes believing in ourselves.

The answers for richness lay inside each of us. It’s how we view our circumstances. We must connect with loved ones if we are to feel rich and make peace with (or leave) negative influences. So I’m in the process of making peace with the almost daily occurrence of vermin and occasional eating of possessions¬†– who would have thought shoes, bags and clothes could taste so good? LOL I’m ready to make peace this¬†snake season knowing we’ll be seeing them again at least weekly,¬†and¬†I’ve turned a corner with loved ones. I’ve learned to back away in the heat of the moment while not backing down on my values. I look at the funny side of conflict when I can by imagining someone watching the farcical and importantly,¬†remember that we often over estimate what we can achieve in a year and under estimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.

So what about you? Any tips for turning the negative influences of life into positive experiences? Comments are below – thank you xx

Daily pick me ups

As mentioned in the latest newsletter (you can sign up at, daily mantras can be very helpful in keeping focus. Just like¬†nursery rhymes brought joy to us as children, creating a personal mantra for yourself¬†can bring joy and align you with your goals. You’re welcome to modify the two¬†I share with you here (one for my part time business and one for life in general).¬† Continue reading “Daily pick me ups”

share no 72: At 43 I’m still improving the model of ME.

I turned 43 this month. Does that mean I’m wiser? Indeed I do feel more experienced given the last 12 months of living in the bush. The tree change tribulation (ie snakes, lack of power etc) are expressed here. It’s a short story and funny I’m told, although I can tell you the whole situation almost did beat me. I was ready to give up. My 3 months overseas trip had me thinking of many other options.

But as I sit here drafting this post (yes I have to drive away to get internet and thus post this post), with birds singing and a wallaby nearby, I realise I’ve come a long way. If I’d run back to suburbia I’d just be returning to familiarity, not necessarily something I really¬†enjoy.

So where are you, physically and in your life’s journey? How have you improved in the last 12 months? One friend thought I was into Personal Development too much and said I should just be happy with who I was. Is it a paradox that I am happy with who I am (someone who is content yet likes pushing limits and learning more about themselves)? Yes I have learned to slow down, meditate AND appreciate the basics like fly screens on our new cabin windows. I’ve learned that you can’t actually know how it will feel when you have something. You might think you¬†know but there’s still a fine line between visualising and the real experience.

Also,¬†there can be withdrawal symptoms when leaving the rat race. And sometimes our dreams require much more effort than expected. This is¬†the test of our resolve. And lastly I’ve realised that it’s flattering to be hit on by a guy half your age but wiser to say No thank you. Indeed life’s too short not to smile and have fun. So I guess I am wiser. Tell me, what have you learned in the last 12 months? xx